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The College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine was first inaugurated as the College of Agricultural Sciences in the academic year 1980/1981. At that time the academic structure included only two departments, namely, the Department of Plant Production and the Department of Animal Production.

Dean's Message


The College of Agriculture & Veterinary Medicine (CAVM) – (The College’s new name from this academic year 2021-2022) - is a unique national asset. It is a beacon of distinctive learning that shares valuable knowledge regarding plant/animal health and production with youth aspiring to be future leaders/experts in these disciplines.

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Lecture Series

16 Nov 2017
Prof. Mohammad Pessarakli

Growth Responses of Halophytic Plant Species to Salinity & Drought Stresses

09 Nov 2017
Dr. Jeannette M. Beasley

Evidence for Establishing Optimal Protein Intake in Older Adults  

Latest Research

UAEU Research Project Gets Its Teeth Into Food Health[...]

UAEU student’s diet-defining tool aims to give food for thought[...]

Student's Innovation award for UAEU research into generating a new source of gelatin[...]

New Database Hopes To Spur Discoveries In Essential Oils[...]

Student Testimonials

Student testimonial

"As a veterinary medicine student, the learning experience at UAEU university was challenging yet thrilling. The teaching faculty at the University did a remarkable job in delivering all the theoretical knowledge needed along with arranging practical hands-on experience to prepare us well for the workplace. The diversity and opportunity veterinary medicine offers is incredible and till this day I am still learning."

Wadeema Aldhaheri

Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (Alumni)


"I am very  grateful to the College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine for giving me the chance to be involved with sustainable agriculture: where we can produce food without cost to the planet.  The education and the experience I gain helps to make me a more productive citizen.”

Amer Al Sawafi

Bachelor of Science in Horticulture


"The College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine gave me the chance to get involved in many practical activities. The college ensures that students have the chance to excel in areas such as leadership and working with others. Moreover, there are excellent teachers who deliver a top-class education both in and outside of the classroom.”

Maithah Mohamed Al Breiki

Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Science

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