Department of Nutrition & Health


The Department of Nutrition and Health is one of the region’s leading academic units devoted to the study of human nutrition. Nutrition and diet hold the key to the health of populations. Competent professionals, who are trained and equipped with the necessary skills, play vital roles in improving the quality of life and longevity of individuals and communities.

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The mission of the Nutrition and Health Department (NHD) is “to promote, protect, and improve the nutritional wellbeing and health of individuals, families, and communities in the UAE through high quality education, research, and outreach programs in human nutrition.”

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The DNH has several laboratories that are used for teaching, research, training and other purposes. The laboratories contain a broad range of instruments for biomedical, biochemical, hematological, anthropometric, and food preparation and analysis.

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The Nutrition Clinic, located in E-3 room 0015, is an integral component of the nutrition education and counseling services provided by the Department of Nutrition and Health at UAE University. The clinic is open to all female students currently enrolled in the University as well as to college and staff of the UAEU.

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