Research Capabilities

The College of Food and Agriculture (CFA) is dedicated to continually engaging its faculty members, graduate and undergraduate students in applied research and scholarly activities that contribute to the knowledge base in teaching and learning within their field of specialization.  There are more than 30 faculty members in the College, represented by 14 nationalities. Many of them are graduates of well recognized US research oriented universities.

The faculty can avail of the world-class research facilities available in the College. These include 3 Experimental Station Farms, 1 Food Pilot Plant and several laboratories that are used for teaching, research, training and other purposes. The laboratories contain a broad range of instruments ranging from agriculture related instruments to biomedical, biochemical, hematological, anthropometric analysis. The College as has a number of laboratory specialists and technicians.

The research areas of the faculty in the College of Food and Agriculture include:

Aridland Agriculture Department
1. Innovative concepts for installing and maintaining of urban greenery
2. Resource-saving plant and animal production strategies
3. Aquaculture
4. Aquaponic and other integrated systems
5. Farm animal nutrition and animal health
6. Utilization and conservation of local and animal genetic resources

Agribusiness Department
1. Natural resources with focus on water economics
2. Agricultural policy analysis with focus on regional food security
3. International food trade

Food Science Department
1. Food Quality and Safety
2. Food Processing and Engineering
3. Food Chemistry and Analysis
4. Innovative and Functional Foods

Nutrition & Health Department
1. Functional foods
2. Nutrition and chronic disease management and prevention
3. Sociocultural determinants of food choices and nutritional disparities
4. Community nutrition interventions to improve health

May 15, 2014