Research Overview

The College of Food and Agriculture (CFA) has a talented body of faculty, staff and students dedicated to furthering the College's vision for excellence in research and knowledge development in the fields of food, agriculture and natural resources of the United Arab Emirates and beyond.

CFA offers outstanding research facilities which include three experimental stations, a food pilot plant, and several laboratories that are used for teaching, research, training and other purposes. The laboratories contain a broad range of instruments ranging from agriculture related instruments to biomedical, biochemical, hematological, and anthropometric analysis.

The College publishes the Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture (EJFA) that is devoted to sharing original basic and applied research articles in the field of Food and Agriculture. The EJFA is the only scientific Journal in the Middle East that publishes 12 issues per year. The College of Food and Agriculture offers full-service research capabilities and has a broad range of active research areas that include but are not limited to water use in agriculture, protected agriculture, product development from camel milk and date fruits, etc.

Jul 27, 2017