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The College of Food and Agriculture at the United Arab Emirates University opens its annual festival

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The College Food and Agriculture at the United Arab Emirates University opened its annual Food and Agriculture Festival (2016) on Monday, February 29th, 2016. It is being held under the banner of a, ‘New Era in Food and Agriculture.’ Professor Mohamed Al Baili, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, staff, students, high school students, and sponsors were all on campus.

Professor Al Baili opened the festival and was briefed on the events and activities planned. He toured the exhibitions and looked at several of the pavilions set up by the participants.

The festival showcases student projects introduces the public to the different departments in the college such as the departments of water and animal agriculture, agricultural economics, food, arid-land agriculture and many others. This annual festival reflects the university’s role in strengthening communication between the college, students and the community. This is in tune with the university’s aim of building partnerships with other educational institutions, organizations and companies in order to exchange experiences and ideas.

The participants praised the organizing committee and the excellent turnout. They were all pleased with the cooperation between the university and other stakeholders as they attempt to develop products and relationships while placing students in suitable jobs and positions.

The festival lasts for three days and includes a variety of lectures, workshops, musical performances and other events.

Nov 12, 2016