Community Service

The College of Food and Agriculture (CFA) provides a wide range of services to the UAE community. Types of services offered include testing programs, consultancy and training. The CFA laboratories provides analytical testing and research-based recommendations to support sustainable resource management decisions. The laboratories offer comprehensive analysis of food, feed, plant tissue, soil, water, toxins, manure and other agriculture materials.


Type of Services:

1. Testing & Analysis

2. Consultancy

3. Training

Testing & Analysis:

  • Agronomy Lab Services
  • Fish Lab Services
  • Horticulture Lab Services
  • Soil & Water Research Lab Services
  • Animal Nutrition Lab Services
  • Sensory Analysis Lab Services
  • Food Chemistry Lab Services
  • Food Physics Lab
  • Food Preparation Lab
  • Body Composition and Fitness Lab
  • Biomedical Analysis Lab
  • Poultry Diagnostic Lab
  • Pilot Plan



The CFA offer consultancy in many area such as:

  • Weight management
  • Dietary management for individuals
  • Meal planning for athletes
  • Design of agricultural building
  • Irrigation systems design
  • Site planning of agricultural projects



  • Accredited continuing medical education for health professionals
  • Training in Aquaculture and Aquaponic

In addition, the CFA along with the College of Business and Economics has established a partnership with the Khalifa Fund to design an effective business incubation program for the food sector to help foster an entrepreneurial culture among local female Emiratis. The Food Innovation Program is the first of its kind in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and one of the very few programs globally that is fully integrated with a University that caters for:

  • Farmers looking to develop value-added products;
  • Restaurant owners interested in producing products for retail sale (salad dressings and sauces);
  • Talented bakers or cooks who want to sell their products; and
  • Anyone looking to start a food business.
May 15, 2014