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About the College


The College of Food and Agriculture (CFA) was first inaugurated as the College of Agricultural Sciences in the academic year 1980/1981. At that time the academic structure included only two departments, namely, the Department of Plant Production and the Department of Animal Production. In 1995 the college program was further developed to focus on ‘Arid Land Agriculture’ and ‘Food Science and Nutrition’ by adding the Department of Food Science and Nutrition. 

Then in 2001, United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) took a major step in transforming the College of Agriculture  Sciences to  reflect the vision of a 21st century university and to follow the  evolving  nature  of  higher  agriculture  education where agriculture became an industry and a  component of the economy and society. The University designed a new curriculum to meet the  needs of the UAE and to conform  to  the  latest trends and concepts of agricultural education  of  the  new millennium.

The  new  interdisciplinary  curriculum  is  based  on  the  concept of vertically integrated systems and  encompasses  production  agriculture, food processing, agribusiness & natural resources, and the environment.

The CFA now consists of five departments: Aridland Agriculture Department; Food Science Department; Nutrition & Health Department; Agribusiness and Consumer Sciences Department; and the Veterinary Medicine Department, each offering a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The language of instruction is English and the faculty focus on the quality of the learning experience for each student. The CFA continues to support the UAE, which is committed to being a knowledge-based economy in which education and research play a critical role.

Jun 20, 2017