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The CFA has acquired some of the most cutting-edge laboratories in the region. The CFA laboratories provides analytical testing and research-based recommendations to support sustainable resources management decisions. The laboratories offers comprehensive analysis of food, feed, plant tissue, soil, water, toxins, manure and other agriculture materials. The CFA labs include:

Department of Aridland

  • Agronomy Lab  
  • Fish Lab
  • Horticulture Lab  
  • Soil & Water Research Lab
  • Animal Nutrition Lab
  • Biotechnology Lab
  • Animal Physiology Lab


Department of Food Science

  • Sensory Analysis Lab  
  • Food Chemistry Lab
  • Food Physics Lab
  • Food Preparation Lab
  • Food Microbiology Lab
  • Research Lab
  • Pilot plant


Department of Nutrition & Health

  • Biochemical Nutrition Research Laboratories
  • Biomedical Analysis Laboratory
  • Body Composition and Fitness Laboratory 


Department of Agribusiness

  • Data Processing Lab 
May 15, 2014