Al Foah Experimental Farm is a place where students, researchers, members of the public and private agricultural sector, and all others who love farming and healthy agricultural products meet.

Our Farm hosts a wide spectrum of research activities, most of which focus on the development of sustainable plant and animal production systems that yield healthy produce. Around 40 hectares of land and a range of cutting-edge research facilities are made available for scientists and students from various specializations to develop and test innovative strategies that support food security in the region.

The Experimental Farm also supports educational activities, and allows UAEU students to complement their theoretical knowledge with practical training and experiences in the field. We also offer extra-curricular student activities and it has become a place for social gatherings among students.

Aside from our involvement in UAEU research and education, the Experimental Farm actively engages with the community and supports agricultural education outside of the university. Now that complex food processing and supply chains are increasingly causing young people to lose their connection with farming and primary food production, Al Foah Experimental Farm aims to preserve traditional agricultural knowledge, and provides a place where farming can be experienced.

I look forward to welcoming you to Al Foah Experimental Farm soon!

Dr. Moustafa A. Fadel
Farm Supervisor 

Jul 26, 2017