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April Issue


Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture (April Issue) | English

Health & Beauty

Participation of CFA at Health and Beauty Exhibition | English | عربي

Al Fort Veterinary

Alfort Veterinary School (France) Visited UAEU | English

Michigan Delegation

Delegates from Michigan State University (MSU) Visited The College of Food & Agriculture | English | عربي


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Dean′s Message

On behalf of the United Arab Emirates University's College of Food and Agriculture (CFA), I would like to welcome you all to explore our college’s website and get the opportunity to know what the College can offer in terms of research, teaching, and community services. The College of Food and Agriculture at UAEU is currently one of the best Agriculture Faculties in the Middle East and it is our goal to be a distinguished College not only in the region but also internationally with high quality students, research and services. CFA consists of 5 academic Departments; Department of Aridland Agriculture, Department of Agribusiness, Department of Food Science, Department of Nutrition and health and the newly established Department Veterinary Medicine which offers a unique program in the region to satisfy market needs. The professional academic training that the college offers to motivated students is guided by distinguished faculty and supported by experienced staff.

There are more than 600 undergraduate students enrolled in the different academic programs. CFA has recently been accredited for four academic B.Sc. programs (Horticulture, Marine Fisheries and Animal Science, Agribusiness and Food Science) by the Agricultural Institute of Canada (AIC) and the Institute of Food Technologists in USA (IFT). The college offers M.Sc. programs in Agribusiness, Food Science, and Horticulture as well as a Ph.D. program by all academic departments. CFA is actively engaged in student exchanges with a number of internationally well-known universities.

Our college farm is ISO certified for quality (ISO 9000) and for environment (14000 ISO), also all our laboratories have a health and safety certificate (OHSAS 18001), and the Animal Nutrition Laboratory is accredited by the National Forage Testing Association. We take our student’s educational development seriously and we are dedicated to their success. It is our mission to impart in our students critical, relevant and professional skills and we look forward to the future and wish our students all the best. 


Dr.Aisha Abushelaibi